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10.2 - Bibliographies

Adams, J. N., G Averley, and Francis J. G Robinson, comp. A Bibliography of Eighteenth Century Legal Literature: a Subject and Author Catalogue of Law Treatises and All Law Related Literature Held in the Main Legal Collections in England . Newcastle upon Tyne: Avero, 1982.
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Abstract: Compiled for the Ames Foundation, Harvard University.

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Notes: Also available online in HeinOnline (subscription database)
Abstract: A bibliography of legal incunabula, with information on the early printers, and on the libraries where they can be found. It includes a list of the early printed editions of the year books and abridgments from 7 Edward III to Elizabeth I, 51-110. Compiled for the Ames Foundation, Harvard University.

Clark, George N., Gen. ed. Oxford History of England. 14 Vols. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1937-1965.
Abstract: Each volume contains valuable bibliographies of the period. Volumes of interest for the medieval period are:
Vol, 2, Anglo-Saxon England. 550 - 1087, by Frank Stenton. 2nd ed., 1947
Vol. 3, From Domesday Book to Magna Carta. 1087 - 1216, by Austin L. Poole. 2nd ed., 1955
Vol. 4, The Thirteenth Century. 1216 - 1307, by Maurice Powicke. 2nd ed., 1962
Vol. 5, The Fourteenth Century. 1307 - 1399, by May McKisack. 1959
Vol. 6 The Fifteenth Century, 1399-1485, by Ernest F. Jacob. 1961
Vol. 7, The Early Tudors. 1485 - 1558, by John D.Mackie. 1952

Coval, Christopher, comp. The Year Books: an Article and Book Bibliography. 2002.
Notes: Available online at http://www.bu.edu/law/seipp/index.html (accessed June 5, 2007)
Abstract: Annotated bibliography available on the year book site of David J. Seipp at Boston University.

Cowley, John D., comp. A Bibliography of Abridgments, Digests, Dictionaries and Indexes of English Law to the Year 1800. Published in association with the Selden Society. London: Quaritch, 1932.
Abstract: A record as far as possible of all printed editions of abridgments, digests, dictionaries and indexes of English law in general from the earliest times to the year 1800. They include four classes: abridgments and indexes of the statutes; abridgments of common law and equity; common law indexes; dictionaries which eventually become practically legal encyclopedias.

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Abstract: Issued under the sponsorship of the Royal Historical Society, the American Historical Association, and Mediaeval Academy of America. A good source of references to the editions and calendars published by local societies of the deeds of religious houses, honors, manors and boroughs. It also includes a list of the reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. Revised Catalogue of PRO Lists and Indexes, Kings Bench, Common Pleas, High Court of Admiralty. List and Index Society, 180. London: Swift, 1981.

---. Lists and Indexes. 53 Vols. in 54. New York: Kraus Reprint , 1963.
Abstract: Originally published 1892 to 1926 in 55 vols.

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Abstract: Reprint of the 1908 edition, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Part II: Formula Book of Legal Records contains ministerial and judicial documents.

Harrison, Christopher J., comp. The Manor Court: a Bibliography of Printed Sources and Related Materials. Keele, 2005
Fourth web-based edition. Keele, 2005.
Note: Available online at http://www.keele.ac.uk/depts/hi/resources/manor_courts/manbib05.pdf
Abstract: A listing of printed English Manor court records, including a selection of medieval court records
Hines, William D., comp. English Legal History: a Bibliography and Guide to the Literature. New York: Garland , 1990.

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Abstract: Previously published as Sweet and Maxwell's complete law book catalogue. Vol. 1, English law to 1800.

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Abstract: Vol. 1, A Bibliography of English Law to 1650.

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Abstract: Catalogue of incunabula.

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Pollard, Alfred W., G. R. Redgrave , William A. Jackson , F. S. Ferguson , and Katharine F. Pantzer, comps. A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad, 1475-1640. 3 Vols. 2nd ed. London: Bibliographical Society, 1976-1991.
Notes: Also available online in ESTC; Facimiles of many of the titles listed in the Short-Title Catalogue are available in EEBO (subscription databases)

Powicke, Frederick M. The Thirteenth Century, 1216-1307. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.
Notes: Volume 4 of the Oxford History of England, this volume contains an extensive general bibliography, 720-778, including sections on local courts and local government, as well as details on the annual Memoranda and Pipe Rolls in its subsection on the Exchequer.

Publications of the English Record Societies, 1844-1976. Cambridge, Chadwyck-Healey, 1998. (microform)

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Selden Society, London. A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Selden Society. London: Selden Society, 1987.
Abstract: Revised edition of the 1960 General Guide to the Society's Publications which summarized the contents of v.1-79. This edition includes summaries of Vol. 1 for 1887 to Vol. 102 for 1986.

---. Publications, List of Members and Rules. 1998. London: The Society, 1998.
Abstract: Lists annual volumes through vol. 114, for 1997, as well as the supplementary series, other volumes published by the Society, lectures and pamhlets. It gives summaries of two contemporary legal treatises, Glanvill: Treatise on the Laws and Customs of England, commonly called Glanvill, and Bracton: On the Laws and Customs of England. Also included is a list of the publications of the Ames Foundation, Harvard University through 1996.

Soule, Charles C. "Year-Book Bibliography." Harvard Law Review 14 (1901): 557-87.
Notes: Also available online in HeinOnline (subscription database)
Abstract: For almost 25 years this paper served as the only authoritative guide to the earliest published year books. It covers the years 1480 to 1680. Table A is a chronological list of all the printed year books with notes as to the libraries in which each edition may be found. Table B covers the years of Edward IV as found in the bound volumes of nine different sets. Table C is described in the text as "a conspectus which exhibits graphically the successive phases of Year-Book printing from 1480-1680," however it was not printed as part of the cite, 14 Harvard Law Review 557 (1901).

University of Leeds. International Medieval Bibliography-Online. Brepols Publishers Online, 2001-.
Notes: Available online in International medieval bibliography-online (subscription database)
Abstract: The most comprehensive online index to articles on medieval subjects in journals, Festschriften, conference proceedings, and collected essays. Covers all aspects of medieval studies within the period AD 450-1500 for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Citations classified by date, subject and location. Updated quarterly.

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