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8.2.1 - Anglo Saxon

Ashdown, Margaret, ed. English and Norse Documents: Relating to the Reign of Ethelred the Unready. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1930.
Abstract: Original text and translation on opposite pages for documents of the reign of Ethelred II, 979-1016.

Asser, John, Simon Keynes, and Michael Lapidge, eds. Alfred the Great: Asser's Life of King Alfred and Other Contemporary Sources. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books, 1983.
Abstract: Translation of De rebus gestis Aelfredi. A collection of source texts, including some of Alfred's Laws, translated with an introduction and notes by Simon Keynes, and Michael Lapidge.

Dumville, David N., Simon Keynes , and Simon Taylor, eds. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle a Collaborative Edition. v. Cambridge: Biblio Distribution Services, 1983-.
Abstract: Text of chronicle in Anglo-Saxon; explanatory material in English ; editions of Latin texts. Vol. 10 is a reconstructed edition with introduction and indexes.
Partial contents:
Vol. 1, Facsimile of Ms. F, the Domitian bilingual, edited by Davin Dumville
Vol. 4, MS B, edited by Simon Taylor
Vol. 5, MS C, edited by Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe
Vol. 6, MS D, edited by G.P. Cubbin
Vol. 7, MS. E, edited by Susan Irvine
Vol. 10, The Abingdon chronicle, AD 956-1066 (MS. C, with reference to BDE), edited by Patrick W. Conner
Vol. 17, The annals of St. Neots with Vita prima Sancti Neoti, edited by David Dumville & Michael Lapidge

Petrie, Henry, John Sharp, and Thomas D. Hardy , eds. Monumenta Historica Britannica, or, Materials for the History of Britain, From the Earliest Period. Volume I. (Extending to the Norman Conquest) . London: G.E. Eyre & W. Spottiswoode, 1848.
Abstract: Published for the Record Commission. Only v.1 published. Contains extracts from Greek and Roman writers; works by Gilds, Nennius, Bede and many others. For the most part re-edited in Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland (Rolls Series).

Sanders, William B., ed. Facsimiles of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts. 3 Parts. Southampton: Ordnance Survey Office, 1878-1884.
Abstract: 121 plates, some in Latin, some in Anglo-Saxon, with an English translation on the opposite page. Part 1, AD 742-1049 Canterbury; Part 2, AD 681-1068; Part 3, AD 697-1161.

Stubbs, William, and H. W. Carless Davis, eds. Select Charters and Other Illustrations of English Constitutional History From the Earliest Times to the Reign of Edward the First. 9th ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1921.
Notes: Also available online in MOML and HeinOnline (subscription databases)
Abstract: Aims to include every constitutional document of importance for the period. Contents: Part II, Extracts illustrative of the early polity of the English ())Anglo Saxon((); Part III, Charters and Excerpts illustrative of the Norman period; Part IV, Charters and excerpts illustrative of the reign of Henry II, it includes the assizes of Henry II; Part V, Charters and excerpts illustrative of the reigns of Richard I and John; Part VI, Charters and excerpts illustrative of the reign of Henry III; Part VII, Charters illustrative of the reign of Edward I. Text in Latin with English notes. The Anglo-Saxon laws are quoted in the original language in the 9th edition, edited by H.W. Carless Davis.

Whitelock, Dorothy, Peter Clemoes, and Kathleen Hughes. England Before the Conquest: Studies in Primary Sources Presented to Dorothy Whitelock. Cambridge : University Press, 1971.

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