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Ayloffe, Joseph, and Philip Morant , eds. Calendars of the Ancient Charters and of the Welch and Scotish Rolls, Now Remaining in the Tower of London . London: B. White, 1774.

Notes: First edition, 1772 available online in ECCO (subscription database)
Abstract: First published anonymously, 1772. Begun by the Rev. Philip Morant. Full title: Calendars of the ancient charters ... also calendars of all the treaties of peace entered into by the kings of England with those of Scotland; and of sundry letters and public instruments relating to that kingdom, now in the Chapter-house at Westminster. Contains the earliest records of the Court of Chancery, extending from soon after the Norman Conquest to the time of Henry VIII. The records consist of appropriations of churches, endowments of vicarages, feoffments, etc.

Crawford, James L. L., and Robert Steele, eds. A Bibliography of Royal Proclamations of the Tudor and Stuart Sovereigns and of Others Published Under Authority, 1485-1714. 2 Vols. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1910.
Abstract: Gives a list of nearly all extant proclamations together with a brief summary of each of them. With an historical essay on their origin and use, by Robert Steele. Vol. 1. Covers England and Wales; Vol. 2, pt. 1. covers Ireland, pt. 2. covers Scotland.

Weinbaum, Martin, ed. British Borough Charters, 1307-1660. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1943..
Abstract: In contrast to the two earlier volumes edited by Ballard & Tait, which contained texts of the charters arranged by topic, this volume is basically an index to the charters of the period. It is a calendar of borough charters arranged under their respective local headings.

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