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Bishop, Terence A. M., V. H. Galbraith, and Pierre Chaplais, eds. Facsimiles of English Royal Writs to A.D. 1100, Presented to Vivian Hunter Galbraith . Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1957.

Abstract: Includes transcriptions of the documents, and commentaries.

Davis, H. W. Carless, Robert J. Whitwell, Charles Johnson, and H. A. Cronne, eds. Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, 1066-1154. 4 Vols. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1913-1969.
Notes: Also available online in KEMBLE at http://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/chartwww/charthome.html
Abstract: Vol. 1, Regesta Willelmi Conquistoris et Wilhelmi Rufi, edited by H.W. Davis, provides a calendar of documents, chronologically arranged and critically annotated, of the royal acts of the period. An appendix gives ninety-two charters in full, including forty-seven of William II.
Vol. 2, Regesta Henrici Primi, 1066-1135, edited by Charles Johnson and H. A. Cronne, also provides a calendar of documents, chronologically arranged and critically annotated, of the royal acts of the period.
Vol. 3, Regesta Regis Stephani ac Mathildis Imperatricis ac Gaufridi et Henrici Ducum Normannorum, 1135-1154, edited by H. A. Cronne and R. H. C. David, includes the texts of the charters in full, arranged by beneficiary, rather than chronologically.
Vol. 4, contains facsimiles of original charters and writs of King Stephen, the Empress Matilda, and Dukes Geoffrey and Henry, 1135-1154, edited by H. A. Cronne and R. H. C. Davis.

Farrer, William, ed. The Lancashire Pipe Rolls of 31 Henry I., A.D. 1130, and of the Reigns of Henry II., A.D. 1155-1189; Richard I., A.D. 1189-1199; and King John, A.D. 1199-1216.
The Latin Text Extended and Notes Added. Also Early Lancashire Charters of the Period From the Reign of William Rufus to That of King John . Liverpool: H. Young and Sons, 1902.
Abstract: Includes a map indicating the various tenures of the county in AD 1212.

Farrer, William, and Charles T. Clay, ed. Early Yorkshire Charters: Being a Collection of Documents Anterior to the Thirteenth Century Made From the Public Records, Monastic Chartularies, Roger Dodsworth's Manuscripts and Other Available Sources. 10 Vols. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series, Extra Series, 1-3, 5- ed. Edinburgh: Ballantyne, Hanson & Co., 1914-1952.

James, Henry, Thomas D. Hardy, and William B. Sanders , eds. Facsimiles of National Manuscripts, From William the Conqueror to Queen Anne. 4 Vols. in 2. Southampton: Ordnance Survey Office, 1865-1968.
Abstract: Selected under the direction of the master of the rolls, and photozincographed by command of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, by Colonel Sir Henry James ... With translations and notes.

Landon, Lionel, and J. Conway Davies, eds. The Cartae Antiquae, Rolls 1-20, Printed From the Original Mss. in the Custody of the Right Honourable the Master of the Rolls. 2 Vols. Publications of the Pipe Roll Society, 55, 71; n.s., 17, 33. London: J.W. Ruddock & Sons, 1939-1960.
Abstract: Charters included in official publications are calendared, not transcribed, and references are given to the full transcripts. Contents: Vol. 1 (1939), includes rolls 1-10, and covers William I - Henry III; vol. 2 (1960), includes rolls 11-20, edited by J. Conway Davies.

Madox, Thomas, ed. Formulare Anglicanum, or, A Collection of Ancient Charters and Instruments of Divers Kinds Taken From the Originals, Placed Under Several Heads, and Deduced (in a Series According to the Order of Time) From the Norman Conquest to the End of the Reign of King Henry the VIII. London: 1702, Jacob Tonson and R. Knaplock.
Notes: Also available online in ModernEconomy (subscription database)
Abstract: Miscellaneous collection of charters. Contains 48 fines from Richard I to Henry VIII.

Osmund, Saint, and W. H. Rich Jones, eds. Vetus Registrum Sarisberiense Alias Dictum Registrum S. Osmundi Episcopi. The Register of S. Osmund. 2 Vols. Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores (Rolls Series), 78. London: Longman, 1883-1984.
Abstract: Text of S. Osmundi consuetudinarium, Latin and English on opposite pages. Contents: Vol. 1, The Tractatus de Officiis Ecclesiasticis, with English translation; Vol. 2, charters, letters, bulls etc., AD 1091-ca. 1276.

Round, John H., ed. Ancient Charters, Royal and Private, Prior to A.D. 1200. Part I. Publications of the Pipe Roll Society, 10 ed. London: Wyman and Sons, 1888.
Abstract: Text in Latin with English annotations. The earliest document belongs to 1095-1100.

Stenton, Frank M., ed.. The First Century of English Feudalism, 1066-1166. 2nd ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1961.
Abstract: The Ford lectures for 1929. Contains an appendix of 48 feudal charters.

Warner, George F., and Henry J Ellis, eds. Facsimiles of Royal and Other Charters in the British Museum . London: British Museum, 1903.
Abstract: Vol. I. William I - Richard I. Continues Bond's Facsimiles of ancient charters in the British Museum (1873-1878).

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