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Chaplais, Pierre, and John Ferguson, eds. Treaty Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office. 2 Vols. London: HMSO, 1955-1972.

Abstract: Contents: Vol. 1, 1234-1325, edited by P. Chaplais; Vol. 2, 1337-1339, edited by J. Ferguson.

Rymer, Thomas, Robert Sanderson, and George Holmes, eds. Foedera, Conventiones, Litterae, Et Cujuscunque Generis Acta Publica, Inter Reges Angliae Et Alios Quosvis Imperatores, Reges, Pontifices, Principes, Vel Communitates, Ab Ineunte Saeculo Duodecimo, Viz. Ab Anno 1101. Ad Nostra Usque Tempora, Habita Aut Tractata: Ex Autographis, Infra Secretiores Archivorum Regiorum Thesaurarias Per Multa Saecula Reconditis, Fideliter Exscripta. 10 Vols. 3rd ed. The Hague: Joannem Neulme, 1739-1745.
Notes: Also available online in Modern Economy (subscription database)
Abstract: Text in Latin. Intended for the publication of treaties between England and other powers, but includes other diplomatic documents. Covers the period 1101-1654. A three volume syllabus in English by T. D. Hardy, published in 1869-1885, describes the various editions since the original Rymer edition and contains a good index to the set.

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