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Cobbett, William, and T. C. Hansard, ed. The Parliamentary History of England From the Earliest Period to the Year 1803, From Which Last-Mentioned Epoch It Is Continued Downwards in the Work Entitled Hansard's Parliamentary Debates. 1625-1803.

Notes: Also available online in ECCO and Modern Economy (subscription databases)
Abstract: v.1 - 36; 1066-1803.

Dugdale, William, ed. A Perfect Copy of All Summons of the Nobility to the Great Councils and Parliaments of This Realm From the XLIX of King Henry the IIId Until These Present Times. London : Robert Clavell, 1685.
Abstract: Text in Latin with English preface.

Gwillim, Henry, and Charles Ellis, eds. A Collection of Acts and Records of Parliament, With Reports of Cases, Argued and Determined in the Courts of Law and Equity, Respecting Tithes. 2nd ed. London: J. Butterworth, 1825.
Notes: First edition (1801) also available online in MOML; ModernEconomy (subscription databases)
Abstract: Collection of Acts and Records of Parliament with reports of cases covering the years 1224-1824.

Sayles, George O., ed. The Functions of the Medieval Parliament of England. London: Hambledon, 1988.
Abstract: Intended as a source book to illustrate the early history of parliament, it contains an important selection of documents in translation. Each of the 130 or so parliaments that met between 1258 and 1350 has been furnished with documents, mainly official, showing its actions. The original source of each document is given.

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