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Helmholz, R. H., ed. Select Cases on Defamation to 1600. SS, 101 for 1985. London: Selden Society, 1985.

Abstract: Select cases chosen "to illustrate the development of private remedies for defamation, and to provide the basis for a comparison between the Canon law and the English practice in both the spiritual and temporal courts." Part I contains 30 cases from the ecclesiastical courts between ca.1290 and 1593. Part II contains 30 cases from various local courts, mostly of manors or boroughs, between 1245-1539. Parts III and IV cover sixteenth century cases.

Putnam, Bertha H., and Theodore F. T. Plucknett, eds. Proceedings Before the Justices of the Peace in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, Edward III to Richard III. Ames Foundation Publication, 5. London: Spottiswoode and Ballantyne, 1938.
Abstract: Text in English. Proceedings of the Courts of Quarter Sessions of the Peace.


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