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Baigent, Francis J. A History of the Ancient Town and Manor of Basingstoke in the County of Southampton. London: Simpkin, Marshall and Co, 1889.

Notes: Also available online in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: Covers the period 1390-1588 and includes copious selections from the court rolls.

Bateson, Mary, William H. Stevenson, John E. Stocks, and Helen Stocks, eds. Records of the Borough of Leicester Being a Series of Extracts From the Archives of the Corporation of Leicester. 4 Vols. London : Clay, 1899-1923.
Abstract: Volumes consist chiefly of extracts from the court rolls of portmoot, merchant guild, coroner's court, borough court and other local courts. Contents: Vol. 1, 1103-1327; Vol. 2, 1327-1509; Vol. 3, 1509-1603; Vol. 4, 1603-1688.

Gross, Charles, ed. Select Cases Concerning the Law Merchant. 3 Vols. SS, 23 for 1908, 46 for 1929, 49 for 1932. London: Quaritch, 1908.
Abstract: Vol. 1, "Local Courts" contains numerous extracts, with translations from the Latin records of Fair Courts from 1270-1638; Vol. 2, "Central Courts," includes cases drawn from the Curia Regis rolls, the Assize rolls, the records of the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer, and Chancery proceedings, from 1239-1633, translated into English; Vol. 3, "Statutory Recognizances and Special Assizes," is a supplementary volume which contains records of proceedings on statutory and official recognisances (Statutes Merchant and Statutes Staple) and a number of additional cases and documents concerning mercantile law.

Guilding, John M., ed. Reading Records: Diary of the Corporation . Vol. 1, Henry VI to Elizabeth, 1431-1602. London: Parker, 1892.
Abstract: Text in English. Contains the proceedings of the guild and the courts of the town.

Harris, Mary D., ed. and trans. The Coventry Leet Book: or Mayor's Register, Containing the Records of the City Court Leet or View of Frankpledge, A.D. 1420-1555, With Divers Other Matters. 2 Vols. in 4 Parts. Early English Text Society. Original series, 134, 135, 138, 146. London: H. Milford, 1907-1913.
Abstract: Text in English

Nottingham (England). Records of the Borough of Nottingham Being a Series of Extracts From the Archives of the Corporation of Nottingham. 9 Vols. London: Quaritch, 1882-.
Abstract: Contents: Vol. 1, 1155-1399; Vol. 2, 1399-1485; Vol. 3, 1485-1547; Vol. 4, 1547-1625; Vol. 5, 1625-1702; Vol. 6, 1702-1760; Vol. 7, 1760-1800; Vol. 8, 1800-1835; Vol. 9, 1836-1900. Extracts from the borough court rolls form a large part of these volumes.

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