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Attenborough, F. L., ed. and trans. The Laws of the Earliest English Kings. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Abstract: Contains the Anglo-Saxon laws to the end of the reign of Aethelstan (939), including the Kentish Laws; the laws of Ine and of Alfred; Treaties with the Danes; the laws of Edward the Elder and of Aethelstan. Text in Anglo-Saxon with English translation in parallel.

Bede, the Venerable Saint, Bertram Colgrave, and Roger A. B. Mynors , eds. Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People; Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum. Oxford Medieval Texts. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1969.
Notes: Wheelocke edition also available online on EEBO (subscription database)
Abstract: Parallel Latin text and English translation with English notes. Reprinted in 1992. Extends from BC 55 to AD 731, the date of its compilation. Libri V, Anglo-Saxon laws.

Canute, King of England, and Janus L. A. Kolderup-Rosenvinge , eds. Legum Regis Canuti Magni Quas Anglis Olim Dedit, Versionem Antiquam Latinam Ex Codice Colbertino ... Havniae: J.H. Schulz, 1826.
Abstract: Anglo-Saxon with Latin translation.

Cook, Albert S., ed. Extracts From the Anglo-Saxon Laws. New York: H. Holt and Co, 1880.
Dammery, Richard J. E., ed. The Law-Code of King Alfred the Great. 2 Vols. Cambridge: University of Cambridge, 1990.
Abstract: PhD thesis. Vol. 2 is a collated text of the code based on CCCC173.

Eckhardt, Karl A., ed. Leges Anglo-Saxonum, 601-925. Bibliotheca Rerum Historicarum, Corpus Iuris Europensis, 13. Gottingen: Musterschmidt, 1974.
Abstract: Text in German and Anglo Saxon; notes in Latin. A translation of the laws from Aethelberht to Aethelstan.

Flower, Robin, and A. H. Smith, eds. The Parker Chronicle and Laws; (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Ms.173) a Facsimile. Early English Text Society. Original series, 208. London: Oxford University Press, 1941.
Abstract: Facsimile from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, ca. AD 450-1100.

Grant, Raymond J. S., ed. Laurence Nowell, William Lambarde, and the Laws of the Anglo-Saxons . Costerus. n.s., 108. Amsterdam ; Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1996.

Griffiths, Bill, ed. and trans. An Introduction to Early English Law. Norfolk: Anglo-Saxon Books, 1995.
Abstract: English translations of the law codes of Aethelberht of Kent, Alfred, and the short codes of the reigns of Edmund and Aethelred. Includes a listing of individual law codes from the TwelveTablets, Rome, ca. BC 450 to Quadripartitus , ca. AD 1114

Hearne, Thomas, Ernulf , Bishop of Rochester, and Leonard Hutton, ed. Textus Roffensis. Accedunt, Professionum Antiquorum Angliae Episcoporum Formulae, De Canonica Obedientia Archiepiscopis Cantuariensibus Praestanda. Oxford: E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1720.
Abstract: Text in Latin with parts in Anglo-Saxon. Created during the reign of Henry I, it is primarily a register or chartulary of Rochester Cathedral. However it also contains Laws of the Anglo-Saxon Kings, including the earliest written laws in any Germanic language, those of King Ethelbert of Kent (d. 616).

Hickes, George, ed. Linguarum Vett. Septentrionalium Thesaurus Grammatico-Criticus Et Archaeologicus. 3 Vol. Oxford: Theatro Sheldoniano, 1703.
Abstract: A Latin translation of Aethelberht's and Hlophere and Eadric's laws, based on de Lait's 1640 edition of which no extant copies remain.

Lambarde, William, ed. Archaionomia Sive De Priscis Anglorum Legibus Libri. London: Joannis Daij, 1568.
Notes: Also available online in EEBO (subscription database)
Abstract: The first published collection of Anglo-Saxon laws with their Latin translation printed in parallel columns. ( Second edition by Abraham Whelock, 1644, appended to his edition of Bede's Ecclesiastical History)

Liebermann, Felix, ed. Consiliatio Cnuti. Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1893.
Notes: Also available online at http://name.umdl.umich.edu.libproxy.usc.edu/AGY1099 (accessed June 7, 2007) and in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: Incorporated in Liebermann's Gesetze. A glossed translation of Cnut's laws made in south England about 1110-1130, probably by a cleric of French birth.

---, ed. Die Gesetze Der Angelsachsen. 3 Vols. in 4. Halle: M.Niemeyer, 1903-1916.
Abstract: Text in Anglo-Saxon, Latin, or German. Vol. 1 contains in columnal form the variant Anglo-Saxon texts, the Latin texts, and a German translation of all the known laws issued in a king's name as well as Anglo-Saxon laws lacking a king's name. In addition to the Anglo-Saxonperiod, it includes the laws of William I (Leis Willelme), Edward the Confessor (Leges Eadwardi Confessoris),and Henry I (Leges Henrici Primi) as well as Latin law books of the first half of the twelfth century. Vol. 2 provides a dictionary and detailed glossary. Vol. 3 presents an introduction and commentary to each text printed in v.1 Excellent source for the history of the texts and their relationship with one another, as well as for the terminology of the laws and Anglo-Saxon legal antiquities in general. Portions of this source have been reprinted in Rightmire, The Law of England at the Norman Conquest. (1932)

__, ed. Hic Intimatur. Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1893.
Abstract: Incorporated in Liebermann's Gesetze. Sometimes called "Laws of William the Conqueror" these ten articles are almost certainly not the Conqueror's legislation. Also published in Stubbs, Charters and English Historical Documents, vol. 2.

---, ed. Instituta Cnuti. Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1893.
Abstract: Incorporated in Liebermann's Gesetze. A translation into Latin of Cnut's laws.

__, ed. Leges Willelmi Conquestoris. Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1903.
Notes: Original manuscripts found in both Latin and Old French. The first section, which professes to contain the laws observed in the time of Edward the Confessor and newly promulgated by the Conqueror, is made up largely of Anglo-Saxon dooms by a compiler who knew some Roman law. Incorporated in Liebermann's Gesetze.

---, ed. Quadripartitus, Ein Englisches Rechtsbuch Von 1114, Nachgewiesen Und, Soweit Bisher Ungedruckt . Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1892.
Notes: Liebermann's commentary also available online in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: Compiled apparently between, AD 1113 and 1118, it assembled the largest extant set of pre-conquest legal materials. Intended to be in four parts, only the first two Anglo-Saxon laws. The laws relate mainly to crime, the wergilds and the enforcement of existing regulations. They are not designed to be complete codifications of law. Part 2 opens with the coronation charter of Henry I, and consists of some important state papers of the writer's own time. Incorporated in Liebermann's Gesetze.

---, ed. U¨Ber Die Leges Anglorum Saeculo XIII Ineunte Londoniis Collectae. Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1894.
Notes: Also available online in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: Text in German. A large collection of laws compiled by a citizen of London in the latter part of John's reign. It comprises extracts from part i of the Quadripartitus (i.e. many dooms of Ine, Alfred, Athelstan, and Cnut), portions of Articuli Willelmi and of the Leges Edwardi Confessoris, together with many of the compiler's own inventions. He seems to have been a layman in favor of the baronial movement against John.

Oliver, Lisi, ed. The Beginnings of English Law. Toronto Medieval Texts and Translations, 14. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2002.
Abstract: Includes the text and translations of the laws of Aethelberht, Hlophere & Eadric, and Wihtred. Includes a list of previous editions and translations of the Kentish Laws.

Richardson, Henry G., and George O. Sayles. Law and Legislation From Aethelberht to Magna Carta . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1966.
Abstract: Appendix contains the parallel texts from the fourth section of the Leges Willelmi, the Instituta Cnuti, and the Quadripartitus.

Rightmire, George W., ed. The Law of England at the Norman Conquest. Columbus, OH: F. J. Heer, 1932.
Abstract: Contains the laws of William the Conqueror, with Latin and English texts and index on pp. 59-95, and certain fragments from Liebermann's Gesetze der Angelsachsen in English on pp. 155-180.

Robertson, Agnes J., ed. and trans. Laws of the Kings of England from Edmund to Henry I. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000.
Abstract: A sequal to Attenborough's Laws of the earliest English kings. Text in Anglo-Saxon and Latin, with English translation. Contains a detailed index to the laws. Contents: The laws of Edmund and Elgar; Promissio regis; The laws of Aethelred; The laws of Canute; The laws of William I and Henry I.

Schmid, Reinhold, ed. Die Gesetze Der Angelsachsen. In Der Ursprache Mit U¨Bersetzung, Erla¨Uterungen Und Einem Antiquarischen Glossar . 2nd ed. Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1858.
Abstract: Contains an excellent introduction on the history of the sources and a valuable glossary. Text of the laws is translated into German.

Spelman, Henry, ed. Concilia, Decreta, Leges, Constitutiones, in Re Ecclesiarum Orbis Brittanici ... 3 Vols. London: Typis R. Badger, Impensis Ph. Stephani, & Ch. Meredith, 1639.
Abstract: Text in Latin. Latin translation of Aethelberht's laws dealing with the church, as well as the first two pertaining to the king, 127-8.

Stearns, John M., ed. The Germs and Developments of the Laws of England : Embracing the Anglo-Saxon Laws Extant From the Sixth Century to A.D., 1066, As Translated into English Under the Royal Record Commission of William IV., With the Introduction of the Common Law by Norman Judges After the Conquest, and Its Earliest Proferts in Magna Charta . Clark, N.J.: The Lawbook Exchange, 2007.
Abstract: Reprint of 1889 edition. Contents: Laws of Aethelberht, Hlothhaed and Eadric, Wihtraed, Ine, Alfred, Edward the Elder, Treaty of Edward and Guthrum, forms of oaths, wer-gilds, and definitions of ranks.

Thorpe, Benjamin, and R. Price, eds. & trans. Ancient Laws and Institutes of England; Comprising Laws Enacted Under the Anglo-Saxon Kings From Aethelbirht to Cnut, With an English Translation of the Saxon; the Laws Called Edward the Confessor's; the Laws of William the Conqueror, and Those Ascribed to Henry the First; Also, Monumenta Ecclesiastica Anglicana, From the Seventh to the Tenth Century; and the Ancient Latin Version of the Anglo-Saxon Laws. With a Compendious Glossary, Etc. 2 Vols. London: Commissioners of the Public Records, 1840.
Notes: Also available online in HeinOnline and Modern Economy (subscription databases)
Abstract: Contains the earliest recorded Anglo-Saxon laws - enactments or dooms made by King and Witan from ca. 601 up to and including the laws of Henry I. Vol. 1, Secular laws; Vol. 2, Ecclesiastical laws. Contains a concordance. Begun by R. Price and completed after his death by B. Thorpe. Reprinted in 2003.

Thorpe, John, ed. Registrum Roffense: or, A Collection of Antient Records, Charters, and Instruments of Divers Kinds, Necessary for Illustrating the Ecclesiastical History and Antiquities of the Diocese and Cathedral Church of Rochester. London: W.& J Richardson, 1769.
Abstract: Includes a law record of the reign of Henry I and the laws of several of the Anglo-Saxon Kings, particularly of the four kings whose laws are omitted by Lambarde, together with the Anglo-Saxon form of oaths. Text in Latin.

Turk, Milton H., and Alfred, King of England, ed. The Legal Code of Aelfred the Great. Halle: M. Niemeyer, 1893.
Abstract: Text in English and Anglo-Saxon. Laws of Alfred the Great, AD 871-901.

Whittaker, W. J., ed. The Mirror of Justices. SS, 7 for 1893. London: Quaritch, 1895.
Abstract: "A transcript and translation of the Mirror which was known in manuscript to lawyers of the 16th and 17th centuries, and believed to be a collection of genuine Anglo-Saxon law. It's authenticity and early date were later disproved by Palgrave. It may be based on a number of legal documents collected by Andrew Horne, Chamberlain of London on the occasion of the London Eyre of 1321."

Wilkins, David, ed. Leges Anglo-Saxonicae Ecclesiasticae & Civiles. London: R. Gosling, 1721.
Abstract: Contains errors in the Latin translation. The first edition of the Anglo-Saxon laws to draw comparisons to other early Germanic laws.

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