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Fishwick, Henry, ed. Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court of Lancaster. 3 Vols. Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Series, 32, 35, 40. Rochdale: The Record Society, 1896-1899.

Abstract: Vol. 1, covers the period of Henry VII and Henry VIII. Wherever they have been preserved, the decisions or verdicts have been added to the Depositions. Suits comprise disputes as to lands, false imprisonment, trespass, assault, robbery, murder, rape, and customs of courts and fairs.

Harper, R. J., John Caley , and W. R. Minchin, eds. Ducatus Lancastriae. 3 Vols. London: G. Eyre and A. Strahan, 1823-1834.
Abstract: Text in Latin. Printed for the Great Britain. Record Commission. Contents:
Vol. 1, pars 1, Calendarium inquisitionum post mortem; pars 2, A calender to the pleadings, etc. in the reigns of Hen. VII, Hen. VIII, Edw. VI, Queen Mary & Phil. & Mary
Vol. 2, pars 3, Calender to pleadings, depositions, etc. in the reigns of Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Queen Mary, & Philip & Mary; & to the pleadings of the first thirteen years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth
Vol. 3, pars 4, Calendar to the pleadings from the fourteenth year to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Calendarium Inquisitionum post mortem.; Calendar to the pleadings

Selby, Walford D. Lancashire and Cheshire Records Preserved in the Public Record Office, London : in Two Parts . Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Series, 7, 8. London: Printed for the Record Society (by) Wyman, 1882-1883.
Abstract: Pt. 1 gives class lists of these records. Pt. 2 calendars and indexes charters, inquests post mortem, pleas, feet of fines, etc.

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