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Baildon, W. Paley, John Lister, and John W. Walker, eds. Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield. 9 Vols. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record series, 29, 36, 57, 58, 78; Wakefield Court Rolls Series, 2, 3, 6, 12. Leeds: The Society, 1901-.

Abstract: Various dates and editors and volume numbering. Vol. 1, 1274 -1297; Vol. 2, 1297-1309; Vol. 3, 1313-1316, and 1286; Vol. 4, 1315-1317; Vol. 5, 1322-1331. Wakefield court rolls series (Yorkshire Archaeological Society), Vol. 3, 1331-1333; Vol. 12, 1338-1340; Vol. 2, 1348-1350; Vol. 6, 1350-1352.

Bailey, Mark, ed. The English Manor, C. 1200-1500. Manchester Medieval Sources Series. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002.
Abstract: Selected sources including records of manorial courts, translated and annotated by Mark Bailey.

Bonfield, L., ed. Select Cases in Manorial Courts: Property Law and Family Law, 1250-1500. SS, 114 for 1997. London: Selden Society, 1998.
Abstract: A selection of unusually detailed entries which illustrate the ways in which questions of property and family law were dealt with at the manorial level.

Dale, Marian K., ed. Court Roll of Chalgrave Manor, 1278-1313. Bedfordshire Historical Record Society Publications, 28. London: Bedfordshire Historical Record Society, 1950.
Abstract: Earliest court roll preserved in the Bedfordshire county record office.

Farrer, William, ed. and trans. Some Court Rolls of the Lordships, Wapentakes, and Demesne Manors of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, in the County of Lancaster : for the 17th and 18th Years of Edward II, A.D., 1323-4 : From the Original Rolls, Preserved in the Public Record Office, London. Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Series, 41. Manchester: The Society, 1901.
Abstract: Text in English.

Helmholz, R. H., ed. Select Cases on Defamation to 1600. SS, 101 for 1985. London: Selden Society, 1985.
Abstract: Select cases chosen "to illustrate the development of private remedies for defamation, and to provide the basis for a comparison between the Canon law and the English practice in both the spiritual and temporal courts." Part I contains 30 cases from the ecclesiastical courts between ca.1290 and 1593. Part II contains 30 cases from various local courts, mostly of manors or boroughs, between 1245-1539. Parts III and IV cover sixteenth century cases.

Hone, Nathaniel J., ed. The Manor and Manorial Records. 3rd ed. London: Methuen, 1925.
Abstract: Contains extracts from several court rolls and includes lists of court rolls in various depositories.

Humphreys, Arthur L., ed. Wellington Manorial Court Rolls. 1277-1908. London: n.p., 1910.
Abstract: Text in English.

Lock, Ray, ed. The Court Rolls of Walsham Le Willows. 2 Vols. Suffolk Records Society, 41, 45. Woodbridge: Boydell , 1998-2000.
Abstract: Vol. 1, 1303-1350; Vol. 2, 1351-1399.

Longstaffe, William H. D., and John Booth, ed. and trans. Halmota Prioratus Dunelmensis, Containing Extracts From the Halmote Court or Manor Rolls of the Prior and Convent of Durham, A.D. 1296-A.D. 1384. Publications of the Surtees Society, 82. Durham: The Society, 1889.
Abstract: Text in English.

Maitland, Frederic W., and W. Paley Baildon, eds. The Court Baron. SS, 4 for 1890. London: Quaritch, 1891.
Abstract: "This book consists of five parts. Four of these are texts of old tracts on the holding of feudal courts, viz. La Court de Baron of about 1280, De Placitis et Curiis Tenendis of about 1270, and two books called Modus tenendi Curias dating from about 1307 and the other from about 1342. The fifth section is a record of pleas tried in the court of the Bishop of Ely, at Littleport, 1285-1327. The precedent books were used as a guide for the stewards of manorial courts."

Marcham, William M., ed. Some Court Rolls of the Manors of Tottenham, Middlesex, 1318-1503, and Court Rolls of Cantelowes Manor, St. Pancras, 1308-1317 . Manor of Tottenham Series, 1 ed. Tottenham: Libraries and Museum, 1956.
Abstract: Text in English.

Massingberd, William O., ed. Court Rolls of the Manor of Ingoldmells in the County of Lincoln . London: Spottiswoode, 1902.
Abstract: Court records for the period 1291-1578.

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