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Amphlett, John, Sidney G. Hamilton, and Rowland A. Wilson , eds. Court Rolls of Manor of Hales, 1270-1307. 2 Vols. Oxford: J. Parker, 1912.

Abstract: Text in English.

Baigent, Francis J., ed. A Collection of Records and Documents Relating to the Hundred and Manor of Crondal in the County of Southampton. Part 1: Historical and Manorial. Hampshire Record Society Series. London: Simpkin & Co, 1891.
Abstract: Part 1 contains, with many other documents, the Compotus de Crundel, an account of the manor rendered to the prior and convent of St. Swithun, for the year ending 1248; the records of the Manor Court dating back to 1281; a record of the courts of the hundred, 1281-82; The Crondal customary, dated 10th October, 1567.

Bailey, Mark, ed. The English Manor, C. 1200-1500. Manchester Medieval Sources Series. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002.
Abstract: Selected sources including records of manorial courts, translated and annotated by Mark Bailey.

Bonfield, L., ed. Select Cases in Manorial Courts: Property Law and Family Law, 1250-1500. SS, 114 for 1997. London: Selden Society, 1998.
Abstract: A selection of unusually detailed entries which illustrate the ways in which questions of property and family law were dealt with at the manorial level.

Maitland, Frederic W., ed. Select Pleas in Manorial and Other Seignorial Courts: Volume 1--Reigns of Henry III and Edward I . SS, 2 for 1888. London: Quaritch, 1889.
Abstract: "Extracts records from proceedings in manorial courts and other feudal courts of the Abbots of Bec, Ramsey, and Battle, and the Abbess of Romsey from 13th century rolls... In order to present a cross-section of this jurisdiction, the editor selected the rolls of (a) an ordinary manor court, (b) an honor court, (c) a court on the ancient desmene, (d) a court of a private hundred... The oldest extant record of a feudal courts is of 1246."

Taylor, Arnold J., ed. Records of the Barony and Honour of the Rape of Lewes. Sussex Record Society Publications, 44. Lewes: The Society, 1940.
Abstract: Roll of the Earl Warenne's court of the rape of Lewes, 1265-66.

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