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Ehrlich, Ludwik, ed. Proceedings Against the Crown (1216-1377). Oxford Studies in Social and Legal History, 6, no. 12. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1921.

Notes: Also available online in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: Appendices include documents in Latin.

Gwillim, Henry, and Charles Ellis , eds. A Collection of Acts and Records of Parliament, With Reports of Cases, Argued and Determined in the Courts of Law and Equity, Respecting Tithes. 2nd ed. London: J. Butterworth, 1825.
Notes: First edition (1801) also available online in MOML and ModernEconomy (subscription databases)
Abstract: Collection of Acts and Records of Parliament with reports of cases covering the years 1224-1824.

Ryley, William, ed. Pleadings in Parliament With the Judgements Thereon, in the Reign of Edward the First and Edward the Second, Kings of England. Placita Parlamentaria. (Sic). London: Twyford, 1661.
Notes: Also available online in EEBO (subscription database)
Abstract: Selection made in the 14th century, it was known as the Vetus Codex. Contains rolls of parliament with an appendix of ancient records of parliamentary matters such as copies of statutes, ordinances, forms of writs and proclamations taken from patent and close rolls, Edward I to Edward II, and petitions in parliament, Edward I to Henry VI.

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