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Cantle, Albert, ed. The Pleas of Quo Warranto for the County of Lancaster. Chetham Society; Remains, historical and literary, connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester, 98. Manchester: Chetham Society, 1938.

Illingworth, William, ed. Placita De Quo Warranto Temporibus Edw. I., II., and III. in Curia Receptae Scaccarij Westm. Asservata. London: Eyre and Strahan, 1818.
Abstract: Transcript of most of the quo warranto proceedings resulting from the survey previously taken and recorded in the Rotuli Hundredorum, these are pleas regarding various franchises and liberties heard before Justices in Eyre, mainly after 1278.

Wrottesley, George, and William Salt Archaeological Society, ed. Collections for a History of Staffordshire. William Salt Archaeological Society, 3, 4, 5 pt.1, 6 pt.1, 7, 9 - 17; n.s., 3, 4, 6. London: Harrison and Sons, 1882-1996.
Abstract: Vol. 6, pt.1, Staffordshire pleas of Henry III from manuscripts in the British Museum, and extracts from the plea rolls, AD 1272-1294; includes extracts from civil pleas, quo warranto proceedings, plaints and kalendar (all from the Rex roll) and from crown pleas and gaol delivery (taken from the chief justice's roll) for the 1293 Staffordshire eyre, 211-89.

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