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Chadwyck-Healey, Sir Charles E. H., and Lionel Landon, eds. Somersetshire Pleas (Civil and Criminal), From the Rolls of the Itinerant Justices. 4 Vols. Somerset Record Society Publications, 11, 36, 41, & 44. London: The Society, 1897-1929.

Abstract: English translation. Includes two great rolls of lesser assize taken before Bracton.
Vol. 1, The close of 12th century - 41 Henry III. Contains essoins, assizes, indictments and gaol delivery, amercements of the 1225 general sessions for assizes and gaol delivery, Somerset (nos. 102-398); civil and crown pleas, Somerset eyre, 1243 (nos. 421 - 1264); list of Somerset eyres, 1219-1243.
Vol. 2, 41 Henry III to the end of his reign;
Vol. 3, 1-7 Edward I;
Vol. 4, 8 Edward II pt.1 Civil pleas from the chief justice's roll, plus additional entries in other rolls, excluding quo warranto, foreign pleas, essoins and attorneys membranes, for the 1280 Somerset eyre.

Hanawalt, Barbara, ed. Crime in East Anglia in the Fourteenth Century: Norfolk Gaol Delivery Rolls, 1307-1316. Norfolk Record Society Publications, 44. Norwich: Norfolk Record Society, 1976.
Abstract: Gaol delivery and assize rolls.

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