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Baildon, W. Paley, ed. Select Civil Pleas. V. 1 1200-1203. SS, 3 for 1889. London: Quaritch, 1890.

Abstract: Consists of excerpts from the plea rolls of John. "The cases consist of actions tried in the Bench (later the Court of Common Pleas), or at the eyres, mostly concerning land. The petty assizes are well represented."

Chadwyck-Healey, Sir Charles E. H., and Lionel Landon, eds. Somersetshire Pleas (Civil and Criminal), From the Rolls of the Itinerant Justices. 4 Vols. Somerset Record Society Publications, 11, 36, 41, & 44. London: The Society, 1897-1929.
Abstract: English translation. Includes two great rolls of lesser assize taken before Bracton.
Vol. 1, The close of 12th century - 41 Henry III. Contains essoins, assizes, indictments and gaol delivery, amercements of the 1225 general sessions for assizes and gaol delivery, Somerset (nos. 102-398); civil and crown pleas, Somerset eyre, 1243 (nos. 421 - 1264); list of Somerset eyres, 1219-1243.
Vol. 2, 41 Henry III to the end of his reign;
Vol. 3, 1-7 Edward I;
Vol. 4, 8 Edward II pt.1 Civil pleas from the chief justice's roll, plus additional entries in other rolls, excluding quo warranto, foreign pleas, essoins and attorneys membranes, for the 1280 Somerset eyre.

Clay, Charles T., ed and trans. Three Yorkshire Assize Rolls for the Reigns of King John and King Henry III. Yorkshire Archeological Society. Record Series, 44 for 1910. Leeds: The Society, 1911.
Abstract: English translation. The earliest roll is dated 1202. Includes the civil pleas of the closing session of the 1251-52 Yorkshire eyre. Notable as exemplifying how trial by jury had become part of English law.

Stenton, Doris M. P., ed. The Earliest Lincolnshire Assize Rolls, A.D. 1202-1209. Lincoln Record Society Publications, 22. Lincoln: The Society, 1926.
Abstract: Latin text and English abstracts. Contains civil and crown pleas and also the roll of the limited sessions held for assizes, indictments, appeals and vintners' amercements in 1206, 235-77.

———, ed. The Earliest Northamptonshire Assize Rolls, A.D. 1202 and 1203. Northamptonshire Record Society Publications, 5. London: J.W. Ruddock, 1930.
Abstract: Text in Latin with some English translation. Contains essoins, civil and crown pleas of the 1202 Northamptonshire eyre. Also contains a roll of sessions for assizes and appeals taken in the long vacation of 1203 in Northamptonshire and Suffolk, 99-163.

Thompson, A. Hamilton, and Hodgson John, eds. Northumberland Pleas From the Curia Regis and Assize Rolls, 1198-1272. Newcastle upon Tyne Records Committee Publications, II for the year 1921. Newcastle upon Tyne: Northumberland Press, 1922.

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