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Farrer, William, ed. Final Concords of the County of Lancaster: From the Original Chirographs, or Feet of Fines Preserved in the Public Record Office, London. 4 Vols. Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Series, 39, 46, 50, 60. Edinburgh: Printed for the Record Society, 1899-1910.

Notes: Also available online at http://www.british-history.ac.uk/source.asp?pubid=480
Abstract: English translation from the Latin. Contents:
Pt. 1, 7 Richard I. to 35 Edward I, AD 1196-1307
Pt. 2, Edward II. and Edward III, AD 1307-1377
Pt. 3, John, Duke of Lancaster, to Henry VII, AD 1377-1509
Pt. 4, Henry VIII to Philip and Mary, AD 1510-1558

Hardy, William J., and William Page, eds. A Calendar to the Feet of Fines for London and Middlesex, Richard I to II and 12 Elizabeth. 2 Vols. London: Hardy and Page, 1892-1993.
Abstract: Contents: Vol. I, Richard I to Richard III; Vol II, 1 Henry VII to Michaelmas, 11 and 12 Elizabeth.

Kirk, Richard E. G., and Ernest F. Kirk, eds . Feet of Fines for Essex V. Essex Archaeological Society Publications ed. Colchester: Essex Archaeological Society , 1899-.
Abstract: Contents: vol. 1 for 1899: (1182-1272); vol. 2 for 1928: (1272-1326); vol. 3 for 1949: (1327-1422); vol. 4 for 1964: (1423-1547)
vol. 5 for 1991: (1547-1580); vol. 6 for 1993: (1581-1603)

Turner, George J., ed. A Calendar of the Feet of Fines Relating to the County of Huntingdon, Levied in the King's Court From the 5th Year of Richard I to the End of the Reign of Elizabeth, 1194-1603 . Cambridge Antiquarian Society 37. Cambridge: Deigthon , Bell and Co. 1913.


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