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Leadam, Isaac S., and James F. Baldwin, eds. Select Cases Before the King's Council, (1245-1482). SS, 35 for 1918. London: Harvard University Press, 1918.

Notes: Also available online in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: "Contains 40 cases tried in the Council between 1245 and 1482. The Council was not a court of record and had no original rolls. Consequently the records are to be found among the Files of Ancient Petitions, the Chancery and Exchequer collections at the PRO, and the Parliamentary and Council Proceedings as well as in printed series, such as the Close Rolls."

Marsden, Reginald G., ed. Select Pleas of the Court of Admiralty. Vol. I, (1390-1404; 1527-1545); Vol. II, (1547-1602). SS, 6 for 1892, 11 for 1897. London: Quaritch, 1893.
Abstract: Vol. I consists of civil pleas tried in the court of the Admiral of the West in the time of Richard II and in the High Court of Admiralty in London in the time of Henry VIII. Vol. II covers the reigns of Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth I.

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