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Great Britain. Public Record Office. List and Index of Court Rolls: Preserved in the Public Record Office. Great Britain. Public Record Office. Lists and indexes, 6. New York: Kraus Reprint , 1963.

List of Plea Rolls of Various Courts, Preserved in the Public Record Office. Public Record Office: List and indexes, 4. London: Holbrook, for HMSO, 1910.
Abstract: Includes rolls of the old curia regis, king's bench, common pleas, exchequer, eyres, marshal sea, exchequer of the Jews, palatinates of Durham, Lancaster and Chester, courts of Wales, coroners' inquests.

List of Various Common-Law? Records. Great Britain. Public Record Office. Lists and indexes: Supplementary series, 1. New York: Kraus Reprint, 1970.
Abstract: Contents: Plea rolls; Essoin rolls; Rolls and writs of the court Coram Rege, Henry III.; Common pleas essoin rolls, Edward I-George? III.;Gaol delivery rolls and files.

Plea Rolls (E.13) for the Period 1216-1307 (Microfilm). London: PRO , 1970.
Abstract: Text in Latin. List of plea rolls of various courts preserved in the PRO.

Illingworth, William, ed. Placitorum in Domo Capitulari Westmonasteriensi Asservatorum Abbreviatio : Temporibus Regum Ric. I, Johann, Henr. III, Edw. I, Edw. II . London: Eyre and Strahan, 1811.
Abstract: Calendars and indexes, compiled early in the 17th century, to pleas in the king's bench, 1 Edward I-10 Henry V, and common pleas, 1-18 Edward I, with the placita exercitus, 24 Edward I, and other earlier pleas mainly from the curia regis rolls, although there are a few assize rolls, and some rolls of Nisi Prius trials in London. Contains the text of the 1194 Wiltshire eyre, the earliest roll of a common pleas eyre.

Rigg, James M., and Hilary Jenkinson, eds. Calendar of the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews Preserved in the Public Record Office. 4 Vols. Jewish Historical Society Publication ed. London: Macmillan, 1905-1929.
Abstract: The calendar gives a full abstract in English of such rolls as are preserved. Vol. 1, Henry III, 1218-1272; Vol. 2, Edward I, 1273-1275; Vol. 3, Edward I, 1275-1277; Vol. 4, contains text and English translation. These records have separate 'pleas' sections, but they are essentially memoranda rolls.

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