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Arnold, Morris S., ed. Year Books of 2 Richard II, 1378-1379 ... 2 Vols. Hein's Legal Theses and Dissertations ed. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, 1970.

Abstract: S.J.D. Thesis - Hervard Law School. v.1 contains the text and introduction. v.2 the translation and tables.

Cobbett, William, and Thomas B. Howell, ed. Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. 33 Vols. London: Printed by T.C. Hansard for R. Bagshaw, 1809. OCLC: 122275433
Abstract: Based on earlier editions published in 1719, 1730, 1742, and 1775. Covers English trials relating to offenses against the State or trials illustrative of the law relating to State Officers. Covers a wide variety of cases, predominantly high treason, but also bigamy, sedition, seditious libel, murder involving high-ranking officials, riot, piracy, witchcraft, bribery, and corruption. Vol. 1 covers Henry II to Elizabeth I (1163-1600).

Gross, Charles, ed. Select Cases Concerning the Law Merchant. 3 Vols. SS, 23 for 1908, 46 for 1929, 49 for 1932. London: Quaritch, 1908. OCLC: 228497
Abstract: Vol. 1, "Local Courts" contains numerous extracts, with translations from the Latin records of Fair Courts from 1270-1638; Vol. 2, "Central Courts," includes cases drawn from the Curia Regis rolls, the Assize rolls, the records of the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer, and Chancery proceedings, from 1239-1633, translated into English; Vol. 3, "Statutory Recognizances and Special Assizes," is a supplementary volume which contains records of proceedings on statutory and official recognisances (Statutes Merchant and Statutes Staple) and a number of additional cases and documents concerning mercantile law.

Hemmant, Mary, ed. Select Cases in the Exchequer Chamber, Before All the Justices of England. 2 Vols. SS, 51 (extra volume for 1933), 64 for 1945. London: Quaritch, 1933.
Abstract: "Reproduces, from published and unpublished year books, cases heard in the important informal assembly of all the justices, accompanied in many cases by a transcription of the original judicial records of the court of origin, by which the reference to the Exchequer Chamber was made. Cases of special legal difficulty, or involving important people, were those usually referred." Contents: Vol. I, 1377-1461; Vol. II, 1461-1509.

Renton, Alexander W., comp. The English Reports. 178 Vols. London: Stevens and Sons, 1900-1932. OCLC: 1470288
Notes: Also available online in Justis, HeinOnline, and LLMC-Digital (subscription databases)
Abstract: Contains reprinted decisions of all English courts from 1220 to the commencement of the official Law reports in 1866. vols. 1-11, House of Lords; vols. 12-20, Privy Council; vols. 21-47, Chancery; vols. 48-55, Rolls Court; vols. 56-71, Vice-Chancellors' Courts; vols. 72-122, King's Bench Division; vols. 123-144, Common Pleas; vols. 145-160, Exchequer; vols. 161-167, Ecclesiastical, Admiralty, and Probate and Divorce; vols. 168-169, Crown cases; vols. 170-176, Nisi Prius. Volumes which contain reports prior to 1550 are: vols. 72-122 King's Bench (1378-1865); vols. 123-144 Common Pleas (1486-1865); vols. 145-160 Exchequer (1220-1865) Only volumes 72 & 73 (Kings Bench), volume 145 (Exchequer) contain cases from the medieval period.

Thorne, Samuel E., General ed. Year Books of Richard II, 1378-1390. 7 Vols. Ames Foundation Year Books Series, 1-7. Cambridge, Mass: Ames Foundation, 1914-1996.
Abstract: v. 1, 2 Richard II, 1378-1379, ed. by M.S.Arnold;
v. 2, 6 Richard II, 1382-1383, ed. by S.E.Thorne et al.;
v. 3, 7 Richard II, 1383-1384, ed. by M.J.Holland;
v. 4, 8 Richard II, 1385-1387, ed. by L.C. Hector & M.J. Hager;
v. 5, 11 Richard II, 1387-1388, ed. by I.D. Thornley;
v. 6, 12 Richard II, 1388-1389, ed. by G.F.Deiser;
v. 7, 13 Richard II, 1389-1390, ed. by T.F.T. Plucknett. Text in English and Law French

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