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Bigelow, Melville M., ed. Placita Anglo-Normannica: Law Cases From William I to Richard I Preserved in Historical Records. Boston: Soule and Bugbee, 1881. OCLC: 150696247

Abstract: Text in Latin, with English headnotes. A valuable collection of unofficial records of litigation, comprising mainly narrative accounts of cases taken from the choniclers. The preface indicates that it includes "substantially all the recorded temporal, and a few ecclesiastical litigations of the great period which begins with the Norman Conquest and ends with the beginning of the reign of Richard I" (1066-1199). All charters and documents not relating to litigation have been excluded.

Van Caenegem, Raoul C., ed. English Lawsuits From William I to Richard I. 2 Vols. SS, 106 for 1990, 107 for 1991 ed. London: Selden Society, 1990. OCLC: 23752828
Abstract: Accounts of lawsuits between 1066 and 1199, drawn from chronicles, charters, and similar sources. Vol. 1 covers from William I to Stephen; Vol. 2 covers from Henry I to Richard I.

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