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Arnold, Morris S., ed. Select Cases of Trespass in the King's Courts, 1307-1399. 2 Vols. SS, 100 for 1984 & 103 for 1987. London: Selden Society, 1985. OCLC: 57331937
Abstract: Vol. I contains cases selected from the plea rolls of the King's Bench and Common Pleas arranged under thirteen headings: threats; assault and battery; besetting; false imprisonment; resisting legal process; rescuing or releasing prisoners; escaping from prison; abducting wives; abducting non-feudal wards and daughters; abducting servants and villeins; interfering with franchises and liberties; arresting goods; taking and carrying away goods. Vol. II contains indexes to both volumes.

Flower, Cyril T., ed. Public Works in Medieval Law. 2 Vols. SS, 32 for 1915, 40 for 1923. London: Quaritch, 1915. OCLC: 153877385
Abstract: "Consists of cases taken from Ancient Indictments and the coram rege rolls, relating to local public works, especially the maintenance of roads, bridges and sewers during the reigns of Edward III and Richard II. The cases are arranged in alphabetical order of county."

Sayles, George O., ed. Select Cases in the Court of King's Bench Under Edward III. 2 Vols. SS, 76 for 1957, 82 for 1965 (Select Cases in the Court of the King's Bench, Vols. V & VI). London: Quaritch, 1957. OCLC: 57331937
Abstract: Reproduces selected cases from the original plea rolls of the Court of King's Bench at the PRO. Contents: Vol. V. (SS, Vol. 76) AD 1327-1340; Vol.VI. (SS, Vol. 82) AD 1341-1377.

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