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Arnold, Morris S., ed. Select Cases of Trespass in the King's Courts, 1307-1399. 2 Vols. SS, 100 for 1984 & 103 for 1987. London: Selden Society, 1985. OCLC: 59786008

Abstract: Vol. I contains cases selected from the plea rolls of the King's Bench and Common Pleas arranged under thirteen headings: threats; assault and battery; besetting; false imprisonment; resisting legal process; rescuing or releasing prisoners; escaping from prison; abducting wives; abducting non-feudal wards and daughters; abducting servants and villeins; interfering with franchises and liberties; arresting goods; taking and carrying away goods. Vol. II contains indexes to both volumes.

Sayles, George O., ed. Select Cases in the Court of King's Bench Under Edward II . SS, 74 for 1955 (Select Cases in the Court of King's Bench, Vol. IV). London: Quaritch, 1955. OCLC: 18580108
Abstract: Reproduces select pleas from the original plea rolls of the Court of Edward II at the PRO. Vol. IV covers the years 1327-1306. Introduction discusses the origin of the court coram rege.

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