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Great Britain. Curia Regis. Curia Regis Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office. V. Public Record Office KB.26 ed. London: HMSO, 1922-. OCLC: 191713998
Abstract: Text in Latin. An ongoing publication prepared under the superintendance of the Deputy Keeper of the Records. Various editors include C. T. Flower, Paul Brand, and David Crook. Supplements Palgraves' Rotuli curiae regis, and to date includes pleas of the bench and pleas before the King for the period from 1195-1250.



Vol. 1, Richard I-2 John (1189-1200)
Vol. 2, 3-5 John (1201-1203)
Vol. 3, 5-7 John (1203-1205)
Vol. 4, 7-8 John (1205-1206)
Vol. 5, 8-10 John (1207-1209)
Vol. 6, 11-14 John (1210-1212)
Vol. 7, 15-16 John (1213-1215) Appendix, 7 Richard I-1 John.
Vol. 8, 3-4 Henry III (1219-1220)
Vol. 9, 4-5 Henry III (1219-1220)
Vol. 10, 5-6 Henry III (1221-1222)
Vol. 11, 7-9 Henry III (1222-1224)
Vol. 12, 9-10 Henry III (1224-1225)
Vol. 13, 11-14 Henry III (1227-1230)
Vol. 14, 14-17 Henry III (1230-1232)
Vol. 15, 17-21 Henry III (1233-1236)
Vol. 16, 21-26 Henry III (1237-1242)
Vol. 17, 26-27 Henry III - (1242-1243)
Vol. 18, 27-30 Henry III (1243-1245)
Vol. 19, 33-34 Henry III (1249-1250)
Vol. 20, 34-35 Henry III (1250) (Text in Latin, commentary in English.)


Jenkinson, Hilary, and Beryl Fermoy, ed. Select Cases in the Exchequer of Pleas. SS, 48 for 1931. London: Quaritch, 1932. OCLC: 1917933 Abstract: "Reproduces cases from the Plea Rolls of the Court of Exchequer preserved at the PRO and decided in the reigns of Henry III and Edward I. (1236-1304)" Valuable for the student of the administrative history of the Exchequer.

Richardson, Henry G., and George O. Sayles, eds. Select Cases of Procedure Without Writ Under Henry III. SS, 60 for 1941. London: Quaritch, 1941. OCLC: 1922765
Abstract: "Extracts selected cases from the Curia Regis Rolls of Henry III and the Assize Rolls of the same reign, to show the use of plaints without writ in the King's Bench and before the Eyres..."Appendix II reproduces the Consuetudines Diversarum Curiarum, a tract of about the year 1240 explaining judicial procedure in civil and ecclesiastical cases and criminal procedures at Assizes.

Rigg, James M., ed. Select Pleas, Starrs and Other Records From the Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews (1220-1284). SS, 15 for 1901. London: Quaritch, 1901. OCLC: 1917313
Notes: Also available online in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: "Selections from the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews under Henry III and Edward I. The extant series is very incomplete for Henry III, but nearly complete for the reign of Edward I. Records end with the expulsion of the Jews in 1290."

Thompson, A. Hamilton, and Hodgson John, eds. Northumberland Pleas From the Curia Regis and Assize Rolls, 1198-1272. Newcastle upon Tyne Records Committee Publications, II for the year 1921 ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: Northumberland Press, 1922. OCLC: 6765405






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