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8.1 - Collections Which Cover the Entire Medieval Period

English Constitutional Documents. 7 vols. in 1. Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European History, 1, no. 6; 2, nos. 1, 5; 3, nos. 2, 5; 4, nos. 3, 4. Philadelphia, Pa.: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1899.
Abstract: Partial contents: vol. 2, no. 1, English towns and gilds; vol. 2, no. 5, England in the time of Wycliffe; vol. 3, no. 2. Statistical documents of middle ages; vol. 3, no. 5, English manorial documents; vol. 4, no. 3, Documents illustrative of feudalism; vol. 4, no. 4, Ordeals, compurgation, excommunication.

Adams, George B., and H. Morse Stephens, eds. Select Documents of English Constitutional History . New York ; London: Macmillan, 1901.
Notes: Also available online in MOML (subscription database) Abstract: Earliest document dated AD 1080.

Baker, John H., and S. F. C. Milsom, comp. Sources of English Legal History: Private Law to 1750. London: Butterworth, 1986.
Abstract: Text in English. A collection of cases from the year books and statutes from Statutes of the Realm, beginning with the year 1225, chosen to illustrate the development of various areas of the common law such as tenure, covenant, trespass.

Baldwin, James F. The King's Council in England During the Middle Ages. Oxford: Clarendon, 1913.
Abstract: Appendixes include acts and articles of the council from Edward I to Edward III in Law French or Latin, proceedings of the council for 15-16 Richard II in Law French, and a selection of cases from Richard II to Henry VI (1383-1453).

Barnes, Patrica M., and Cecil F. Slade, eds. A Medieval Miscellany for Doris Mary Stenton. Publications of the Pipe Roll Society, 76; n.s., 36. London: J.W.Ruddock, 1962.
Abstract: Contents: The Anstey case, edited by Patricia M. Barnes; Some charters of the Earls of Chester, edited by G. Barraclough; Episcopal charters for Wix priory, edited by C. N. L. Brooke; Early charters of Sibton Abbey, Suffolk, edited by R. Allen Brown; Norman and Wessex charters of the Roumare family, edited by F. A. Cazel, Jnr.; The original charters of Herbert and Gervase, abbots of Westminster (1121-1157), edited by Pierre Chaplais; Winchcombe annals, 1049-1181, edited by R. R. Darlington; Treaty between William, earl of Gloucester and Roger, earl of Hereford, edited by R. H. C. Davis; Some charters relating to the honour of Bacton, edited by Barbara Dodwell; Willoughby deeds, edited by J. C. Holt; A pre-Domesday Kentish assessment list, edited by Robert S. Hoyt; Blyborough charters, edited by Kathleen Major; Some Revesby charters of the Soke of Bolingbroke, edited by Dorothy M. Owen; Whitley deeds of the twelfth century, edited by C. F. Slade; Some charters relating to St. Peter's Abbey, Gloucester, edited by David Walker; A list of the published writings of Doris Mary Stenton, 269-273.

Brewer, J. S., ed. Registrum Malmesburiense: The Register of Malmesbury Abbey; Preserved in the Public Record Office 2 Vols. Rerum Britannnicarum medii aevi scriptores (Rolls Series), 72. London: Longman, 1879-1880.
Abstract: Begins with public documents: Magna Carta, the Forest Charter, and statutes of the 13th century. Also includes charters from AD 685 to the end of the 13th century.

Chrimes, Stanley B., and Alfred L. Brown, eds. Select Documents of English Constitutional History, 1307-1485 . London: A. & C. Black , 1961.
Abstract: Text in English. Mainly drawn from the Parliament and Statute Rolls and chiefly illustrative of the history of council and parliament.

Davies, Reginald T., ed. Documents Illustrating the History of Civilization in Medieval England, 1066-1500 . New York: Barnes & Noble, 1969.
Abstract: Reprint of the original 1926 edition.

Douglas, David C., Dorothy Whitelock, George W. Greenaway, Harry Rothwell, A. R. Myers, and C. H. Williams, eds. English Historical Documents 10 Vols. in 11. New York: Oxford University Press, 1953-1977.
Abstract: Reprinted by Routledge, 1996. This major series contains a wide selection of the fundamental sources of English history. The first five volumes cover the medieval period:
Vol. 1, ca. 500-1042, edited by Dorothy Whitelock, contains a compilation of Anglo-Saxon? Laws from the laws of Ethelbert, King of Kent (602-603?) to the law of the Northumbrian Priests (c. 1020-1023) in English translation.
Vol. 2, 1042-1189, edited by by David C. Douglas and George W. Greenaway
Vol. 3, 1189-1327, edited by Harry Rothwell
Vol. 4, 1327-1485, edited by A.R. Myers
Vol. 5, 1485-1558, edited by C.H. Williams

Evans, Michael, and R. Ian Jack, eds. Sources of English Legal and Constitutional History. Sydney: Butterworths, 1984.
Abstract: A collection of primary materials in English legal history intended for student use. Includes key sources arranged under twenty topics: Anglo-Saxon? to Anglo-Norman? England; reforms under Henry II; Early Institutions of the Common Law; Magna Carta; Feudal Tenures and the Real Actions; Personal Actions and the Legislation of Edward I; Early Parliaments; The Year Books; Medieval Chancery; Criminal Law and Justice; Uses and the Origins of Trusts; Chancery under the Tudors and Stuarts; The Tudor Constitution; The Conciliar Courts; Later Developments in the Common Law, 1348-1800; Crown and Parliament, 1603-1640; Civil War and Interregnum; Restoration and Revolution Settlement; The Emergence of the Modern Constitution, 1614-1928;
The Superior Courts of Common Law and Equity, 1800-1875. All documents are translated into English.

Fifoot, Cecil H. S., ed. History and Sources of the Common Law: Tort and Contract. London : Stevens, 1949.
Abstract: A selection from printed sources of the common law including Glanvill and Bracton , with special emphasis on the year books as they have been published in the Rolls Series, in the volumes of the Selden Society and of the Ames Foundation. Intended to show students the development of two branches of the common law (tort and contract) from their sources, each subject is introduced with a narrative.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores//Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland During the Middle Ages//Rolls Series. v. London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans and Roberts, 1858-1911.
Abstract: This series of chronicles and memorials was published under the direction of the Master of the Rolls. It consists of 99 numbered publications in 251 volumes and covers the principal medieval sources of history, and is not restricted to legal documents. A number of the included works contain both texts and translations. The material includes calendars of state papers such as the Calendars of Chancery Rolls which contain records, such as the Close Rolls, Fine Rolls, Liberate Rolls, Patent Rolls, Scutage Rolls and others. A. J. Horwood was commissioned before 1863 by the Master of Rolls to edit the unpublished year books of Edward I and the 10-16 of Edward III. His work was taken up by Pike who developed the technique of supplementing and illustrating the reports in the year bookssby the corresponding record in the Plea Roll. These year books are published as part of this official publication, which is commonly referred to as the Rolls Series. The full English title is Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages.

Hart, William H., Ponsonby A. Lyons, and Richard E. G. Kirk, eds. Cartularium Monasterii De Rameseia. 3 Vols. Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores (Rolls Series), 79. London: Longman, 1884-1893.
Abstract: Text in Latin. Contains charters, inquisitions, manorial extants, final accords, pleas in royal courts etc., AD 974-1436.

Henderson, Ernest F., ed. Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages. London: George Bell, 1896.
Abstract: Book I of this volume contains translations of some of the major documents from England, including the laws of William the Conqueror, Constitutions of Clarendon (AD 1164), Assize of Clarendon (AD 1166), Laws of Richard (Coeur de Lion) concerning the punishment of criminal crusaders (AD 1189), Magna Carta (AD 1215), Statute of Mortmain (AD 1279), Statute Quia Emptores (AD 1290), Statute of Labourers (AD 1349)

Hunnisett, R. F., J. B. Post, and Cecil A. F. Meekings, eds. Medieval Legal Records: Edited in Memory of C. A. F. Meekings. London: HMSO, 1978.
Abstract: A collection of short legal records from the early thirteenth century to the late fifteenth century, most found in the PRO. Introductions and commentaries in English; texts in Latin and Middle English. Topics edited by various legal scholars include: Reports, writs and records in the common bench in the reign of Richard II, by L. C. Hector; The Chancery corpus cum causa file, 10-11 Edward IV, by Patricia M. Barnes; Clergy and common law in the reign of Henry IV, by Robin L. Storey; A coroner's roll of the liberty of Wye, 1299-1314, by R. F. Hunnisett; Three courts of the hundred of Penwith, 1333, by G. D. G. Hall; Early trailbaston proceedings from the Lincoln roll of 1305, by Alan Harding. Extensive indexes.

Institute of Historical Research. The National Centre for History. The Victoria History of the Counties of England. London: Oxford University Press, 1900-.
Notes: Also available online at http://www.british-history.ac.uk/
Abstract: A unique, comprehensive, and authoritative work of English local history, the multiple volumes in this ongoing project contain valuable information on county primary sources. As of 2006, about 230 volumes have been published. Some county sets are complete and work is currently progressing on 13 counties. Volumes are being digitized and made available on Britsh History Online. More information is available on the Victoria County History's main website

Kiralfy, Albert K. R., ed. A Source Book of English Law. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1957.
Abstract: A collection of primary materials intended as a companion to Potter's Historical Introduction to English Law, and follows its arrangement and subject matter. Includes leading cases from both common law and non-common law courts, as well as itinerant courts (eyre and assizes), and non-royal courts (ecclesiastical and borough). Also includes statutes through the seventeenth century, but concentrates on medieval period.

Lodge, Eleanor C., and Gladys A. Thornton , eds. English Constitutional Documents, 1307-1485. Cambridge: University Press, 1935.
Abstract: Documents in the original Latin or Norman French are arranged chronologically within broad categories, with each section headed by a brief introduction. Intended as a continuation of primary documents for the period immediately following that covered by Stubbs Select Charters.

Manchester University. Manchester Medieval Sources: Medieval Sourcesonline. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000-.
Notes: Available online at http://www.medievalsources.co.uk/
Abstract: Web-based learning resource containing hundreds of original medieval history documents compiled for the teaching and study of history. Includes both translations of source documents and thematic volumes. Gives access to the Medievalportal, which provides a gateway to other medieval material on the Internet.

Pipe Roll Society, London. Publications of the Pipe Roll Society. v. London: The Society, 1938-.
Abstract: Introductory materials in English. The first series reprinted the Great Rolls of the Exchequer, from 1158-1188. Contents:
Vol. 10, 69 Ancient Charters, Royal and Private prior to 1200
Vol. 14, Three Rolls of the King's court in the time of Richard I
Vols. 17, 20, 23, and 24, Feet of fines from 1182 to 1199
Vol. 24, Roll of the King's Court, Hilary Term, 1196
Vol. 35, Rotuli de Dominabus et Pueris et Puellis, 1185

Series 2 is continuing. Introductory material in English. Contents of early volumes:
Vol. 1, The great roll of the pipe for the second year of the reign of King Richard the first michaelmas 1190 (pipe roll 36)
Vol. 2, The great rolls of the pipe of the third and fourth years of the reign of King Richard the first mich. 1191 and mich. 1192 (pipe rolls 37 and 38)
Vol. 5, The great roll of the pipe for the sixth year of the reign of King Richard the first michaelmas 1194 (pipe roll 40)
Vol. 10, The great Roll of the pipe for the first year of the reign of King John michaelmas 1199 (pipe roll 45)
Vol. 11, The Memoranda roll of the king's remembrancer for michaelmas 1230-Trinity 1231.
Vol. 12, The great roll of the pipe for the second year of the reign of King John michaelmas 1200 (pipe roll 46)
Vol. 14, The great roll of the pipe for the third year of the reign of King John michaelmas 1201 (pipe roll 47) Copies of the PRO editions of the Great Rolls of the Exchequer.

Plucknett, Theodore F. T. Statutes and Their Interpretation in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1922.
Notes: Also available online in MOML (subscription database)
Abstract: Appendix I contains the text, with translation of the Statute of Marlborough, c. 9; the Statute of Westminster I, c. 40; the Statute of Westminster II, c. 3; the Statute of Westminster III, c. 48. Appendix II contains select cases from the year books of Edward I, II, and III.

Riley, Henry T., and John Carpenter, eds. Munimenta Gildhallae Londoniensis; Liber Albus, Liber Custumarum, Et Liber Horn. 3 Vols. in 4. Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores (Rolls Series), 12. London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts, 1859-1960.
Abstract: Contains documents illustrating the legal, social and constitutional history of London during the 13th and 14th centuries. Contents:
Vol. 1, Liber albus, compiled AD 1419
Vol. 2, Liber custumarum, with extracts from the Cottonian ms. Claudius. D. II.
Vol. 3, Translation of the Anglo-Norman? passages in Liber albus, glossaries, appendices, and index.

Stephenson, Carl, and Frederick G. Marcham, eds and trans. Sources of English Constitutional History; a Selection of Documents From A.D. 600 to the Present. 2 Vols. 2nd ed. New York, London: Harper Brothers, 1972.
Abstract: Text in English. Arranged in chronological sections, with the first six sections covering the medieval period.

Vinogradov, Pavel G., G. J. Turner , H. E. Salter, A. Ballard, and F. M. Stenton, eds. Records of the Social and Economic History of England and Wales. 5 Vols. London: British Academy, 1914-1924.
Abstract: Contents: Vol. I, P. Vinogradoff and Fr. Morgan, Survey of the Honour of Denbign; Vols. II & III, G. J. Turner and H. E. Salter, The register of St. Augustine's Abbey Canterbury; Vol. IV, N. A. Neilson, Terrier of Fleet Lincolnshire; A. Ballard, An eleventh- century inquisition of St. Augustine's, Canterbury; Vol. V, F. M. Stenton, Documents illustrative of the social and economic history of the Danelaw.

Wilkinson, Bertie, ed. Constitutional History of England in the Fifteenth Century (1399-1485) With Illustrative Documents . New York: Barnes & Noble, 1964.

Wrottesley, George, and William Salt Archaeological Society, ed. Collections for a History of Staffordshire. William Salt Archaeological Society, 3, 4, 5 pt.1, 6 pt.1, 7, 9 - 17; n.s., 3, 4, 6. London: Harrison and Sons, 1882-1996.
Notes: Vol. 5 also available online at http://www.british-history.ac.uk/source.asp?pubid=461
Abstract: Published as part of the Victoria History of the Counties of England Project, founded in 1889 and available online in British History Online: . Among other original documents, the following legal works are included:
Vol. 3, Essoins, crown and civil pleas and amercements from the 1199 Staffordshire eyre, 33-65, and the 1203 Staffordshire eyre, 79-128
Vol. 4, Plea rolls of Henry III; Includes selected civil and crown pleas from the 1227 Staffordshire eyre, 47-74; a small number of selected civil and crown pleas for the 1272 Staffordshire eyre, 191-215
Vol. 5, pt.1, Staffordshire hundred rolls from Henry III and Edward I, and pleas of the forest;
Vol. 6, pt.1, Staffordshire pleas of Henry III from manuscripts in the British Museum, and extracts from the plea rolls, AD 1272-1294; includes extracts from civil pleas, quo warranto proceedings, plaints and kalendar (all from the Rex roll) and from crown pleas and gaol delivery (taken from the chief justice's roll) for the 1293 Staffordshire eyre, 211-89.
Vol. 7, Extracts from the plea rolls AD 1294-1307, and the Exchequer subsidy roll of AD 1327
Vol. 9, Extracts from the plea rolls of Edward II, AD 1307-1327, and extracts from the fine rolls of Edward II
Vol. 10, Extracts from the plea rolls of Edward II, AD 1307-1327
Vol. 11, Extracts from the plea rolls 1-15 of Edward III
Vol. 12, Extracts from the plea rolls 16-33 of Edward III
Vol. 13, Extracts from the plea rolls of Edward III and Richard II, AD 1360-1387
Vol. 14, Extracts from the Coram Rege rolls of Edward III and Richard II, AD 1327-1383
Vol. 15, Extracts from the plea rolls of Richard II and Henry IV AD 1387-1405
Vol. 16, Extracts from the Cheshire plea rolls of Edward III, Richard II, and Henry IV and from the de banco and coram rege rolls of Richard II and Henry IV
Vol. 17, Plea rolls of Henry V and Henry VI
n.s., Vol. 3, Extracts from the plea rolls of Henry VI
n.s., Vol. 4, Extracts from the plea rolls 34 Henry VII to 14 Edward IV
n.s., Vol. 6, Extracts from plea rolls of Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III.

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