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The records of these courts are patchy. Some cases from the county court were taken up by the courts at Westminster and as a result, transcriptions from some county court records were also entered into the curia regis rolls. The Corporation of London Records Office (external link) contains records of the Mayor's Court, City of London (external link) from 1154-1994. Henry I (Hen 1) Stephen (Stephen) Henry II (Hen 2) Richard I (Ric 1) John (John) Henry III (Hen 3) Edward I (Edw 1) Edward II (Edw 2) Edward III (Edw 3) Richard II (Ric 2) Henry IV (Hen 4) Henry V (Hen 5) Henry VI (Hen 6) Edward IV (Edw 4) Edward V (Edw 5) Richard III (Ric 2) Henry VII (Hen 7)

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