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Enrollments of pleas heard by the royal justices in the earliest common law court, the curia regis (external link), probably began in 1166, but the first complete series of extant rolls begins with King John (external link).

A notable resource for early plea rolls is the ongoing joint project of the National Archives and the University of Houston, entitled The Anglo-American Legal Tradition: Documents from Medieval and Early Modern England from the National Archives in London, developed by Robert C. Palmer. This database makes available digital images of manuscript plea rolls from the National Archives. For a more detailed description, see the entry for Robert C. Palmer in the Online Data Bases section of this wiki, (9.1). The database can be accessed at (external link)

For the purposes of this guide, records of all three central courts, including the earliest Curia Regis Rolls, have been grouped together in one listing. Richard I (Ric 1) John (John) Henry III (Hen 3) Edward I (Edw 1) Edward II (Edw 2) Edward III (Edw 3) Richard II (Ric 2) Henry IV (Hen 4) Henry V (Hen 5)

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